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Hearing the breathtaking sound of a beautiful countermelody gliding just beneath and blending with a powerful melody can send shivers down the spines of many people. At a concert, instruments of all different shapes, sizes, and sounds come together to put on a performance for the community to hear, and if the chords balance just right, an incredible song can turn into a majestic story. Not to mention, most students who participate in these bands are extremely passionate about creating music. The memorization skills of these kids are generally much better than those of a person who does not participate in band. Additionally, the stress levels that they may develop in school are lower, and their grades could improve drastically. Although music classes have many benefits, a lot of schools decide that they are not important enough to invest their money in, but these co-curricular programs are quite crucial for the development of children in schools. Memorizing is an important skill that is needed for education and a number of other things. Musicians use their recall skills to play notes and rhythms that…show more content…
It is true that funding bands can be expensive; however, they possess too many positive effects to be discarded. This view may seem convincing at first, but the facts above prove that music programs are needed to efficiently develop the minds of students. A survey conducted by the Congressional Research Service states that music education enhances the intellectual development and academic environment for kids of all ages. In addition, the government is partly to blame for schools not having the money to fund band classes. Although they keep lecturing about how important education is, they spend the nation’s money on corrupt endeavors, which deprives children of the opportunity to have the best education possible (Anti-Media

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