Memory And Memory: The Importance Of Memory

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Memory is the ability of an individual to record sensory stimuli, events, information etc and retain them over short or long periods of time and recall the same at a later date when needed [1]. Memory has a vital role in human life, as without it, one cannot lead a normal life. Memory is classified into two - long term memory and short term memory. Accordingly long term memories are those that we can recall days, months or years after they were originally stored. Short term memory- memories are those that last seconds to hours and are vulnerable to disruption [2]. Memory can be broadly classified into declarative and non-declarative memory. Memory of facts and events are examples of declarative memory. Declarative memory can be further classified into episodic and semantic memory. Episodic memory is memory of the past and personally encountered events. The knowledge for the meaning of words and how to use them is phrased as semantic memory. Non-declarative is not stored with respect to time and place; skills, habits and priming are examples of non declarative memory [3].
The importance of memory has increased in educational and industrial firms today. Now people are finding new ways to enhance their memory and concentration capacity through drugs, yoga etc. Before the introduction of modern medicine, people depended on Ayurvedic herbs for the cure of illnesses. But as science progressed, modern medicine gained more importance. Since it imparts many side

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