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I have done many things during my march break, with or without my friends. We 've played games indoors and outdoors. We went outside climbing fences, though I still haven 't managed to climb one. We then played Tennis in a parking lot. After I left, my friends claim that they found an opening in the fence that leads to the locked Tennis court and they played Tennis there. On some other day, we all met up at one friend 's house and watched "Brain Games". The only thing I enjoyed doing was eating the pizza, until I watched it myself, which got me watching half a season for some reason. It might have been because I could concentrate more on the brain tricks and challenges, since my friends were talking through the whole thing. After arriving home, I would play Minecraft or Paladins by myself which, not surprisingly, was more fun. This was because, when I get frustrated, my friends would be like "chill, it 's just a game" which would make the situation worse. Nevertheless, I had a fun break with…show more content…
I spent the other half of my break with my family. We went out to eat from a restaurant, which is always nice once or twice a week. We went to eat at a pizza place we 've never eaten at before. We went to eat at "Dino 's Wood Burning Pizza ' with our family friends. They burn wood for heat, to bake the pizza. I would give them a 7/10 because the cheese always came off the crust. Regardless of that, the pizza was delicious with the fries the waiter kindly got from a nearby fast food place. After eating, we planned for the family friends to visit us. My mom was sick the day before, therefore ended up calling for a cancellation. I hope to see my family friends again, sooner

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