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Concentration and memory are two mental aspects directly related. In fact, often the complaints that we have regarding our memory are actually the result of a concentration failure in the task at hand. Although this is a problem that intensifies with advancing age, memory and concentration problems can be serious at any stage of life, whether in emotional moments or professionals. To stimulate memory and concentration should maintain healthy brain, which can be done in several ways: with a balanced diet, exercise, cognitive stimulation, stress management and sociability. But the surest way to achieve this is by taking supplements that constantly replenish the body of nutrients necessary for memory and concentration cleared. Magnesium combat…show more content…
Although rare episodes of toxicity due to excess magnesium, and since magnesium is excreted by the kidneys, patients with renal insufficiency should only consume magnesium supplements under the supervision of your doctor. Gingko biloba boosts concentration and memory Several studies on the effects of ginkgo biloba leaves of the plant shown can significantly increase the concentration and memory of healthy individuals. In one study a group of young students was subjected to concentration and memory tests in two different experiments: in the first half of young consumed a single dose of 120mg of ginkgo biloba; the second half consumed 120mg daily for 6 weeks. The scientists concluded that ginkgo management improved the results of young students in concentration and memory tests [* 3]. In another study 20 young people received 120mg, 240mg or 360mg extract of this plant. In this case the participants who took 240mg and 360mg reached the maximum concentration of 2.5 hours after the supplement consumption. This effect was still present after 6 hours [* 4]. This is particularly interesting for enhancing the performance in work or school environment. Benefits of rhodiosa rosea plants and Bacopa…show more content…
But laboratory studies with mice indicated that extracts of this plant also improve memory [* 6], which is particularly useful in individuals of full age, and stimulate intellectual and cognitive activity [* 7]. Ginseng and creatine optimize mental abilities A scientific research tested the psychomotor skills of a group of 16 healthy male volunteers, to whom a standardized dose of Korean ginseng (100mg twice a day for 12 weeks) was administered, and other similar placebo group were data. A positive effect of ginseng was observed for some skills: attention, deductive and arithmetical processes, sensory and motor function and auditory reaction time [* 8]. For creatine in addition to the known physical benefits to athletes it has been recently proven that can also stimulate intelligence. A test conducted with two groups of vegetarians Australians found that creatine has a significant stimulus to brain power. The study showed that creatine improves memory and increases the amount of energy available to the brain make calculations, improving mental ability as a whole [* 9]. Benefits of caffeine, melatonin and fatty

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