Memory Depression Research Paper

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Memory Depression
Information can be twisted easily just as the game of telephone works. Information is spread and bits and pieces can be added as well as taken away, causing inaccurate information. The importance of being able to detect a credible source against a noncredible source is essential to providing accurate information. Factors that can apply to having a faulty effect can be student grades, careers, social life, and education rank. Sources used are an online journal, a textbook, and an internet source that is not peer reviewed. Online sources include a full experiments with data shared. Abstracts are conducted for readers explaining what was done. A textbook is used showing information exhibited directly from the source shared
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Memory is one of the least commonly known symptoms of depression, yet one of the most severe. Processes are discussed such as pattern separation, explaining the ability to differentiate. As a person shall become slightly more depressed, memory loss will develop (Ashwell, 2015). Varieties of therapy, medications, and self-help are discussed. The concept of concentration is also discussed. Concentration can play large factors on memory loss once depression is present. If issues are occurring or the fear of memory loss is being tossed up, talking to a general provider will increase the chances of support and health. Benefits from seeking help faster will help decrease symptoms associated. As seen, there is no evidence of studies performed for this article, the work is taken and cited from other sources. Information is passed down through other people sharing results that were not directly from the main…show more content…
Sources can be far educated and packed with information without any data being displayed. A credible source will always underlie the data being presented as a whole. Facts will be dispersed throughout the journal or peer reviewed articles. Non credible sources are mainly facts and information, lacking data. Providing data throughout is key to a successful piece of work. Using credible sources provides no issues when needing data and studies. Sources used as examples in this paper reveal the ease of pulling out information from credible and noncredible sources. Much information is provided with scarce to no data points. Data in research is key when aiming towards an excellent grade. College students should seek help if unsure about a credible source. Using a noncredible source will result in reduction or false information. Hockenbury, et al provides the most credible information between the three sources
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