Memory In The Giver

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The memories people posses have of the past are what keep them from making the same mistakes as their ancestors. In school children learn about world history and US history. When kids are taught the actions and consequences made by historic figures, they learn from their mistakes. As generations past in The Giver memories of past years go away. Citizens above the age of twenty have no recollection of their childhood. There are many memories of the past that humans have yet to uncover, but in the Giver even the eldest citizen cannot remember a time before them. There is value in the collective knowledge of past generations, and in the way that it is passed on to others. Having memory is a source of wisdom, but can also cause pain. When Jonas is receiving memories of the past, he feels pain, relaxation, rejoice, and sadness. Memories are usually passed down through stories from relatives, but in the Giver the communities relatives remember as much, maybe even less than they do. Without sharing memories of the past, memories are no use. History from wars, and the memories, our world needs so that humans can keep a balance and not keep making the same mistakes. Learning about the history of wars in the past can prepare us for the…show more content…
One of the most important themes in The Giver is the significance of memory to human life. there is no pain from the past without memory, there is also no true happiness, and purpose in the world if we can’t live through the footsteps of the amazing people before us. Memories help our generation hold on to the important information and stories that happen through the lifetimes of our ancestors. Memories keep us from repeating the same mistakes that brought countries to debt, and loss. With memories of our past we can use those to gain a better future and build
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