Memory Is The Importance Of Memory

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The language is known to be the most important means of human communication, through which people exchange ideas and achieve mutual understanding. If people speak the same language, the communication easily takes place, however, when people speak different languages, spontaneous communication becomes impossible. In this case, translation comes to help. Translation is defined as the transmission of thoughts expressed in one language to another. In order to translate the information we should memorize it. Memory is one of the major elements affecting the process of storing and conveying information. People cannot remember everything they hear or read which is likely to be complicated or not necessary for a long-term use. For that purpose we have different types of memory.
It is known that the future interpreter will feel more confident if enter his path having a good memory. Memory is necessary as to keep in mind all around us world information, as to transfer the endless phrasal units of the text. It is also important to remember even simple words and its synonyms that can sometimes define the fate of an interpreter. Memory is necessary for all of us, we need it all the time, and a translator needs it professionally.
We should underline the fact that people with a phenomenal memory are rarity. Of course, an interpreter does not need a phenomenal memory. The interpreter needs professionally organized flexible memory, which allows, on the one hand, to absorb a large amount of
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