Memory Laps At The Pool Sedaris Analysis

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“Memory Laps at the Pool” a person essay written by David Sedaris to show the reader a experience from when he was a child. Sedaris uses first person and multiple forms of writing. The main writing forms were literary and expressive. In his essay, Sedaris makes the reader imagine the story he is telling by using description and emotion throughout his whole story. David Sedaris begins his story telling the reader that when he turns fifty he told himself that he would discover opera but sooner to realize he would be more interested in swimming again. As the story continues, Sedaris talks about how his family joined a country club and he started to take swimming lessons the first year of their membership then joins the country club’s competitive…show more content…
Sedaris then introduces Greg Sakas in the story, a great swimmer that is a year younger than him and the kid that his dad admires so much more than his own son. As the story continues Sedaris’s dad talks more and more about Greg to the point where Sedaris feels invisible. At the end of the story Sedaris finally beat Greg in a swim but his dad didn't care for it then when he got older and became more successful he would tell his all his accomplishment but his dad still didn't have any feelings towards it, so then Sedaris realizes that nothing he does that’s in his dad’s eyes as “faaaaantastic” (Sedaris par. 7) will get his approval. This piece’s main ideal is to not let someone’s approval hold you back from what you have accomplished that's big in your eyes.
Sedaris gets the reader to picture what he’s telling in the story by using a lot of descriptions. The first description he uses in the story is on the pool he and his family swimmed in at the country club. Sedaris describes the pool in a perfect way where the reader can imagine and even remember in their
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