Male And Female Observation Report

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Abstract This report studied the different abilities of men and women making and remembering observations. To proof the hypothesis (women are more careful than men when they observe things), an experiment was made on males and females remembering objects scored after observation. The result showed that women participants have a better short term memory than men participants because they are more sensitive than men. However the differences between genders are not so obvious. We can improve this experiment by changing participants and contents. 1.0 Introduction Without the structure differences between men and women, there are always other things between genders that make males and females react differently. With that in mind, the aim of this research is to find the different abilities when men and women making and remembering observations. Men and women have different cognitive abilities. Women tend to solve problems by remembering objects’ visual features while men can remember both visual and location to solve the same problem. In other words, women are more meticulous than men. In addition, our memory can be divided into three stages: sensory…show more content…
We can see the average score of men in the memory test is less than the average score of women. In addition, chart 1 indicates the average score of males and females. However, because the subtraction between two average scores was small, the chart can’t directly and clearly show the differences of men and women making short term memory. Thought the differences can’t be shown obviously by the chart, some specific test results in the table can still proof the hypothesis. For instance, the third man scored 64 while the woman in the same group got 80 points. Another example can be found in the thirteenth group, the women scored 84 in the test. It is 32 points higher than the
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