Memory: The Three Types Of Episodic Memory

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"Memory is a special faculty of the mind to conserve or retain what has been previously experienced or acquired through learning and, then, at some later stage, to revive or reproduce it in the form of recall or recognition to enable us to utilize such learning in different situations of daily life.
How we remember can be explained through the models of memory. The levels of processing model suggested by Craik and Lokhart emphasizes that the ability to remember depends on the levels at which we process the information. The deeper the processing of the information, the longer it can be remembered. The other model, Atkinson and Shiffrins’s storage and transfer model, put forward the concept of three separate kinds of storage for the three types
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The semantic memory, on the other hand, is public and related to the connection of the relationship between events or the association of ideas. It contains generalized ideas, principles, rules and facts concerned with general knowledge. Photographic memory helps the individual to remember a scene in photographic detail. It is quite rare and unusual. However, the most astonishing is para-normal memory (also known as reincarnation) through which an individual is able to remember the things or events related to his previous life or…show more content…
The repression theory is held to be more applicable to explaining morbid forgetting. According to this theory, we forget the things we do not want to remember by burying them in our unconscious. The theory of interference is able to explain all types of forgetting. According to this theory, we forget things because of the interference of other things. Proactive inhibition occurs when earlier learning interferes with the later learning. Retroactive inhibition is the result of later learning coming in the way of earlier learning
Psychologists hold that “memory is inherent in all living organisms.” Among the earthly species, only the mankind is endowed with a superior kind of memory. The life of on the earth, so far as the humankind is concerned, is a continuum interspersed with palimpsests of experience. All these layers of experience is stacked and stored in the human brain. And, the range of experiences that are on regular traffic on the surface of human consciousness is termed

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