Men And Women Case Study

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The differences between men and women is a universal truth and it can observe physically and emotionally. In our country, an emotional difference between two genders has rooted from their culture and upbringing. Previously, there was a belief that women are born to look after their household, family and children while male goes out to work, earn money, financially supports and leads family. This type of work division between male and female has led them experience, think and develop different perception. Therefore, the different perception of male and female in the same workplace can be seen. Eventually, this perception leads them to communicate differently in any kind of business environment. It does not mean that male are better
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Such as discouragement in gender inclusion, biased in making big decisions of the company, no promotional opportunities, and obstruction to be a leader of a company with a blame that women are less professional. Male believe that women cannot handle conflict and avoid confrontation, too emotional and they do not go to the point so that they do not deserve leading position. It is a fact that men and women differ in a way they communicate but this is not intelligence that way of communication establish norms that women lack skills in leadership and cannot hold the position of management. Therefore, this situation has encouraged me to develop a research proposal to find out the truth behind gender disparity and its importance in communication within the workplace setting.
Purpose of the Study
The purpose of this study is to explore the problems of gender disparity. Mainly, I will try to find out how gender disparity affects communication of a workplace environment. I will make sure that whether gender is a reason of unsuccessful business or not and how can one gender be better in business communication but not another.
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Definitely, this research will help me to enhance my professionalism as it will provide insight on this topic. Findings of my research will be beneficial for me as I can use as a reference for reflecting and rethinking on my own practice. It can also work as an important reference for the civil society of my country and abroad.
Thus, I agree with Kothari (2004) that research is the foundation of knowledge and it is a significant source of providing guidelines to solve different problems which occur in the community, societies, and country itself. Research is a proper guidance which enables one to understand the new developments in one’s field in a better way. So, this research will have significant contribution in the pedagogical area, research area, policy area, personal area and professional area.
Delimitations of the
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