Paralinguistic Differences Between Men And Women

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iew of literature According to "difference theory", men and women live in different cultural worlds which lead them to different ways of speaking. This theory is sometimes called "dual-culture theory". In short, there is a claim that although men and women live in the same environment, their relations with society are different due to the fact that different rules govern the behavior of two subcultures, men and women. In fact, it emphasizes that social and physical separation from their childhood causes different languages and beliefs in males and females. In an attempt to exhibit the differences between males and females . As well Wadhaugh (2005) said that males and females are different in the intonation of their voice, vocabulary choice, paralinguistic system, and the use of gestures. He also mentions that females most of the time talk about issues like food, drink, life, and books while males hold forth on such topics as business, sports, political issues, and taxes.…show more content…
Further Swallowe (2003) reviewed the literature on differences between men and women in the use of media for interpersonal communication, etc. Furthermore, Lakoff (1975) said that the speech of women is characterized by unique linguistic features such as specialized vocabulary, tag questions, intonation, hedges, and hypercorrect grammar. This speech style creates the image of hesitancy and weakness. She postulated that men and women’s divergent social status and roles trigger these differences in communication
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