Men Are Better Leader Than Women Essay

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Nowdays, The increasing of number female’s role in many sector of life canot be denied, but the majirity of leader are still male. In many developing countries, women are still underrepresented in decision-making position. Do men are better leader than women? It is still become a debating in society. Some people believe that men are better than women, because they more explicit than women. However, some people argued that not all of women are weak, they can also be explicit women, like some female leaders. For example, Mrs. Illiza syahabuddin is a woman who is more explicit than a man. Therefore, gender cannot determine leadership style. An ideal leaders depends on the character are owned leaders either men or women, Such as inteligence,…show more content…
It expects the leader be able to think old ways to do something. It also challenges the leader be able to solve the problem in their own ways. Second, a leader must have initiative, if they are faced on a problem. The leader be able to stir themselves firts to do everything without any coercion. It makes strengths of each member of the group motivated to do the mission groups well. Third, besides smart, initiative, a leader would need to have the nature of responsibility. responsible means daring to take the risk of everything that arises as a result of an act that has been done. In addition, a leader who responsible will act unhurried, he would think tactically and firm establishment. Fourth, a leader who can be trusted by any member. This arises when a leader managed to protect its members towards a better and wiser in making decisions. leaders are able to make the hearts of all the members of peace, so that all members be encouraged to merge or compact. Fifth, honesty is the distinctive character that must be possessed by a leader. the transparent leader will promise openness and flexible in providing any information related to mutual interest. the level of honesty of a leader determines the confidence level of each member of the group or

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