Men Are From Mars And Women From Venus Analysis

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Remember the book “Men Are From Mars and Women From Venus,” authored by John Gray, Ph.D. in 1992. It was said to have been on the bestsellers list for a 121 weeks, and sold 52 million copies. The examples it gave was phenomenally enriching, and very much on point; given the facts that shows how opposite we men, women, boys, and girls really are. And then again, are we really as different as some believe? For instance, in his book he points out “how men and women giving and receiving love is different from the other.” I can’t say that I agree or disagree fully about everything he or some of the things he stated, but I must say there’s a lot of validity he poses to a listening ear.

Once I went on a Couples Retreat with our Church, my ex-husband
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There’s nothing we don’t want them to know about; and everything about him do we want to know and share. To us, this is the makings of becoming one. Right down to knowing our darkest, and deepest secrets will we tell. For most women, it brings about more intimacy and makes our love for each other stronger, or so they/we think. Forbid, that our feelings get hurt and they become angry with us and there’s no speaking to each other. Our world falls apart, whereas, men (most of them) will go about their day as though nothing happened; finding ways to entertain themselves, while we find a corner to sulk…show more content…
Which all it did was improve things constructively and enabled him to be free to be who God intended him to be. One more thing I’d like to add is, “All men aren’t heartless cold blood beast.” The gentle side means none of the things we’ve convinced ourselves it is; if and when a man shows a warmer side. It’s his warmer side and better side is all that it is. This I’m sure has a lot to do with us women not getting the kinds of responses we want or the attention we demand for ourselves. This thing Noel found out to be the case for most men, could very well have a lot to do with their insecurities and the reason they don’t let go of all their feelings and become more gentle as we women would like them to
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