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This is a review of the book Men are from Mars, women are from Venus by Dr. John Gray. John Gray is the author of more than twenty books including his best seller ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’. He has written the book in fifty different languages and his books have sold over fifty million copies around the world. This review will first summarize the book. Secondly the review will critique the book by analyzing the book before finally judging its accessibility and credibility. The book describes how men and women are different by nature and focus on mutual differences between men and women. The book can be used as a guide to learn about how to best interact with the opposite sex and improve communication to develop a flourishing…show more content…
The author talks about how women expect the other person to listen actively with interest and show empathy when they are upset or shares their concerns. In doing so, they do not look for a solution, instead want someone to listen to them and validate their feelings. But most men react differently by giving expert advice and trying to solve their problem. He also discusses how men feel incompetent asking for help or accepting help especially from women. Men only seek advice when they are at a dead-end and need help. As opposed to women who value love, communication and respect in their relationships, men consider being self-sufficient.
Dr. Gray also delves on how men and women handle stress differently. According to him, men become isolated and concentrate on solving the problem. In contrast, when women are stressed they tend to talk and try to find comfort by talking about the problem, and this may not necessarily be to find a way to tackle the problem. He also suggests that most women do not understand how men deal with stress. However they expect men to talk like them and share their
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If we understand the differences between men and women it will be easy to understand the behavior of the opposite sex and communicate with each other. Dr. Gray had identified some features of men and women such as men getting disconnected when they are stressed and the different mood swings of women and the cyclic fluctuations of emotions in women. Main ideas give a reflection of the behaviors we see in women and men, how we react in different situations for example providing men with breathing space so that they can address the issues that bother them. If women are able to be patient and if they are able to react positively to the withdrawal behaviors of men it will be easier to resolve disputes between them. It is understood that accepting the differences between the sexes will make it easier to deal with the opposite sex. In order to enjoy a successful relationship, it is important to understand that the emotional and physical needs of men and women are different. The author have concentrated on the differences between the two and have tried to explain how men and women react differently using several scenarios. Moreover the author has tried to explain how to tackle problems related to opposite sex which can lead to a healthy relationship with the opposite
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