Men Can Change The Hearts Of Men Analysis

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I agree with Pres. Eisenhower’s statement up to a point. I do not believe you can change the hearts of men with law but you need the laws to make sure that the people who might not agree with the content of the law respects it. Once you have laws, it needs to be enforced. To change the hearts of men, it can only be done through our Heavenly Father. Men need to discover that we are all equal, no matter if we are from different gender, religion, race or culture. We need to be decent to each other and respect one another. On one hand we see this as nothing more than a political move on Eisenhower’s part to avoid any action that would upset the masses. On the other hand it is true to say that hearts and desires of men can’t be forced, it defies the foundations of the freedom of our nation and the foundations of Heavenly Father’s plan for that matter. The age-old adage says “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink” reinforces this but someone once added “but you can put salt on his lips.” You cannot change the way a person thinks or feels but you can alter the situation to encourage appropriate action.…show more content…
and John F. Kennedy taking a stand and “changing the circumstances” or opinions surrounding the civil rights movement through laws and political statements taking a stand and influencing the situation towards right and ultimately changing hearts of the

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