Men From Mars Women From Venus Summary

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Men from Mars women from Venus The book “men from Mars women from Venus” written by Dr. Grey is about a relationship of men and women in the marriage relationship. There more than 100 pages include in this book. And also it tells many story about difference of a men and women. According to the book, men and women have thousands of differences in emotion and behavior. The book deliver many useful information to the readers about the conflicts arise in the relationship due to the difference of men and women. The book can be described as essential tool for partners who want to build more satisfying relationship. It discusses the trust, understanding, appreciation, validation and approval of the both partners in the journey of marriage relationship.…show more content…
So all it includes in the story might not be fair when we see from a woman's point of view. The writer mentioned many demands of women and men in the relationship. In my view I felt that the writer could not prove some point. He mentioned men want fairness. But as far as I know women try to do things more fairly in the relationship. And also the book's value will be higher if the writer could use more high vocabulary. The whole story was depending on the feelings, action and behavior of men and women relationship. It has many things about how confliction rises in the two different people. Those who read this book will understand their partner’s needs and wants more. So for them it will be very easy to handle their relationship if they understand each other. I think writer can do many things to advertise this book. So more people can reach it and get lots of useful messages to apply in their life. As we know the whole book is based on the difference of men and women in everything. It focuses on how they are differing in every way. Furthermore, It mentioned importantance of each other’s role in relationship to build a successful relationship or bond. The book is a useful gift from Dr Grey. I strongly believe it will play a good role for readers to guide their life better way with the partner. The differences of men and women in everything will be taking in an understanding
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