Men Make Rash Decisions In Othello

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An anonymous author once said, “You say it 's your life therefore your decisions, but are you aware that your choices will not affect only you, but also those around you, who care and love you dearly even if you aren 't aware of that. So make the right decisions and choices in life to make not only yourself proud and happy but also those around you.” Throughout the many books we read during class there seemed to be a running theme through a few of them. Men make rash decisions and act on these rash decisions while women stop and think things through before they act. According to, Dr. Michael G. Conner author of “Understanding The Difference Between Men and Women” writes, “... male attraction to high speed activities and reckless behavior that usually involve collisions with other males or automobiles. Men invented the game “chicken”, not women.” So in this paper I will discuss how men make rash decisions in Othello, how men make rash decisions in Wuthering Heights, how men make rash decisions in In Evil Hour, why men act the way they do, why women are different, and why people could argue against my reasoning. Men and women have many differences, not just physical differences. According to Dr. Michael G. Conner, “Women... have four times as many brain cells (neurons) connecting the right and left side of their brain.” This causes women to think things through differently than men. These men not only can look at a problem through multiple different
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