Why Do Men Never Cry Essay

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‘I can’t cry. I am a man. Men never cry.’ I have heard this often. There is a stereotypical image in mind of man. A man is dominating. A man is aggressive. A man is brave. A man can’t express his emotions. A man is the king of his house. Worst, a man makes the rules. And if I don’t fit in this territory then, my family will force me to have a macho body, treat women as slaves and forget to have emotions. All in all, they will pressurize, scold, and shame me to death by constantly taunting me to be ‘The Man’. These are just a few tricks they will use in order to make me have a false identity. People claim that we, the modern man, have changed. But, the truth is that despite apparent progress, only a few young men believe in sharing the household loads. Still, women do most of the household work. Another case is that if the husband is unemployed, then also women do the all the house work along with taking care of her baby. One more problem with men, unlike women, is they want to do a certain type of job. They always limit themselves to a narrow range of jobs. Earlier, women used to have this kind of mentality but men are now catching up. Men: Emotions Every organism has emotions and so do men. Generally, it is assumed that men will often express emotions limited to rage and frustration. Fearless, patient,…show more content…
Doing so called ‘feminine’ jobs and washing dirt diapers. Solve the puzzle a little more; it will start to make a lot of sense. For instance, if men behave like fathers, then more children might get education especially daughters as for a ‘real’ father son and daughter are the same. Ultimately, the concept comes down to a simple principle: in the ever-changing world, a re-imaging of what men are expected to do in the two places, home and work, will determine their value in the society. Because when men lose, women lose too and so do
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