Men Vs Women In The 1800's Essay

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Women and men from the 2000’s differ from the women and men of the 1800’s. They play many different roles now than, they did back then. Women and men have always been separated by certain standards until recent times. They have very little to no similarities between the two times in history. Women and men of the 1800’s often played different roles and were treated differently. Women rarely held any job positons, while men did all the working. Boys were allowed to go to school and learn to read and write to further their education. Girls on the other hand, had to stay home and learn the everyday ideals the would be expected of them. Girls must learn how to clean properly and had to tend to the children that they created. They were in charge…show more content…
According to A severity of plainness, “Presentation and appearance were, then, considered measures of skill quite equal to physical prowess and athletic ability” (Goodrum pg.7). Females and male of the 2000’s are quite different from those in the past. Women have more freedom in recent times and are able to do much more. Women are able to vote and work outside of the house. They can have office jobs and tend to other pressing matters then, just the children they created. Women do not have to marriage to a man in the same class or worry about a dowry. Women and men often switch roles and men now help out around the house. Men know more than just school and work. They help clean and tend to kids along with cooking. Women’s attire has changed completely compared to the 1800’s style. Women are allowed to show more skin and can wear pants and shorts. They are not required to only wear long heavy dress. They can now leave without doing their make up or their hair. They no longer have to wear hats, unless they want too. Men’s attire has changed just slightly. Men can now wear shorts instead of just pants and their hair does not have to be slicked back with a hat unless the absolutely want it that
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