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In this experiment materials Mendel used peas, also their were 60 generation used. Using peas he start breeding, he was looking for many different traits, such as color, texture, height and many more. Once he have pure breed or true breed he would more likely to run experiment and cross two pure breed. On of the experiment was done by Mendel was crossing Pure breeding green with pure breeding yellow peas. When offspring grow, he found that all the next generation peas were yellow, also known as F1. Next to explore further Mendel took 2 gene form F1 generation and breed them together. When F2 generation arrive 75% of peas were yellow where 25% were green, which mean ¾ of peas were yellow and ¼ were short. Green peas despiser in F1 and then reappear in F2, he thought because of gene. Gene are a section of DNA that controls a…show more content…
In this case yellow is dominant and green is recessive. Pure breed make offspring that had green and yellow alleles but only yellow show because it was dominant. For that when F1 generation breed there was change to green alleles to reappear. Alleles are variation of a gene. Also, to represent dominant alleles Mendel use capital letters and recessive alleles are lower case. If dominant and recessive alleles are together they are known as heterozygous. Heterozygous mean they have different alleles, but if both alleles are same they known as homozygous. This lab includes Dominant phenotype and recessive phenotype. Phenotype is the physical appearance. Also, in this lab dominant phenotypes are yellow seeds, smooth seeds, tendrils, dentate leaves, normal, stipules, tall. Where recessive phenotypes were green seeds, wrinkled seeds, terminal leaflets, smooth leaves, reduced stipules, short. On the other hand, genotypes is the set of genes in our DNA, they are also responsible for particular trait. Also, phenotype and genotype is fundamental to the understding of heredity and development of

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