Mendel's Law Of Segregation Analysis

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An explanation of Mendel's law of segregation
Gregor Mendel was an Austrian monk in the 19th century. He experimented with pea plants to try figure out how heredity traits are passed on. He crossed several different types of pea plants with distinctive traits. One example is he crossed a true breeding pea plant with green pod color and a true breeding pea plant with yellow pod color. The resulting generation had an offspring, with a one hundred per cent growth, of pea plants with green pod color. This generation he called the Filial generation, or the F1 generation. He then allowed the F1 generation to self-pollinate, which resulted in three quarters of the offspring having green pod color, and one quarter having yellow pod color. A 3:1 ratio.
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There are two sub-kingdoms, Cryptogamia, non-flowering plants and Spermatophyta, flowering plants. Cryptogamia are plants that reproduce by binary fission or by spores. Cryptogamia is then divided into three more sub-kingdoms, Thalophytes ( algae and fungi ) Bryophytes ( mosses ) and Pteridophyta ( ferns ). Spermatophyta are divided in two sub-kingdoms, Gymnosperms, naked seed plants, ( such as Pine and Spruce ) and Angiosperms, covered-seed plants, ( most plants are in this sub-kingdom ). Angiosperms are further divided into two sub-classes, Monocotyledons and Dicotyledons dependng on the number of cotyledons ( seed leaves ) are in the embryo. Monocots ( grasses and orchids ) have one cotyledon and Dicots have two…show more content…
When plants from a different species but same Genus are crossed, you put a cross (x) between the new names of the hybridized plant. In the case of the crossing of Magnolia denudata and Magnolia liliiflora, the resulting plant of this crossing was called Magnolia x soulangeana. When a cross is made from two plants of different Genera, you place a cross (x) in front of the Genus of the newly named plant. The Genus will be derived from mixing both parent plant Genera. In the case of the hybrid plant x Osmaria burkwoodii, it was a cross between the Genera Osmanthus and Phillyrea, with the new Genus name Osmaria being a mix of Osmanthus and

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