Mendelssohn Batholdy And Romanticism

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Romanticism is the movement in the arts and literature emphasizing inspiration, subjectivity, and the primacy of the individual. This idea originated in the late 18th century, featuring composers such as Felix Mendelssohn, Richard Wagner, Franz Liszt, and Frederic Chopin. In the current 21st century, original classical-styled composition is difficult to discover. These days, unique instrumental music is found movie scores and soundtracks. Some renowned film score composers include Hans Zimmer (The Pirates of the Caribbean), James Howard Newton (The Hunger Games), and John Williams (Star Wars). Though the music in the background of a movie may be subtle, it promotes emotions within the movie. For example, music which is loud and fast arouses the audience, while music which is soft and slow calms. This idea formed in the Romantic Period is now produced in the current form of classical music. Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Batholdy (more commonly as Felix Mendelssohn) was born in Germany on February 3, 1809. He was a composer, pianist and organist during the early Romantic period. He was born into a prominent Jewish family, but he was later baptized as a Reformed Christian. Early on in his life, Mendelssohn was distinguished as a musical prodigy. He was deeply influenced by Johann Sebastian Bach, reflected within his fugues and chorales. His most famous works are his Songs without Words, A Midsummer Night 's Dream which includes the Wedding March, and his
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