Menopause And False Myths

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Menopause and false myths.

Most women feel the need to lose weight in hopes of getting rid of a particular ailment or relief from a physical condition. Menopause is a natural process. Although it ends fertility, you can stay healthy.
Most women feel at ease as they no longer have to worry about pregnancy, while others see menopause as a signal that they are now old. They see it as robbing them of their youth, beauty, allure, and sex appeal. Apart from being saddened by the changes they see in their bodies, most women also feel sorry for themselves as the possibility of bearing a child has come to an end. Women who feel shackled by menopause and who don’t want to go through it tend to have more negative symptoms and talk more about menopause
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In some cases, it has been observed that women in their mid to late thirties hit menopause much earlier than others. While, others don’t experience menopause until their mid to late fifties. The majority of women experience the change in their late forties and early fifties, with as many as ten to fifteen years of premenopausal symptoms.
Some women have very few symptoms associated with menopause. A few feel better physically than they did in their early life twenties or thirties. Others are miserable, with frequent hot flashes, night sweats, extreme exhaustion, and emotions so fragile that they continually feel like crying. There are a number of myths associated with menopause, which will be discussed below:
Menopause happens abruptly:
Menopause does not happen abruptly. A transition time called peri-menopause refers to the beginning of hormonal shifts leading up to menopause.
A gynecologist, with the Menopause Center at Texas Children 's Hospital 's Pavilion for Women says that during the reproductive years, there’s a rise and fall of hormones, which doesn’t always happen during this period. Some women might notice tapering off of periods, but for a lot of women who go through natural menopause (vs. a hysterectomy or menopause due the changes are
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The definite link between cancer, heart disease and hormone treatment:
Estrogen Therapy (ET) such as the Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) (commonly known as Bioidentical Hormone Therapy), or Estrogen-Progestin Therapy (EPT), are the only hormone treatments available to reduce or ease menopausal discomforts and hot flashes. However, research states that the dangers of this treatment vary from various types of cancers to an increased risk of heart disease.
You will have to be cautious in gauging the benefits versus the risks involved. Consider aspects such as how long have you been on hormones or do you have a history of heart disease in your family, etc. It’s all individual. As per the study conducted by the Women’s Health Initiative, it was observed that women who took placebos were at a higher risk of developing endometrial cancer when compared to women treated with EPT. It was also seen that the risk of breast cancer increased only slightly, with eight cases of breast cancer in a year per 10,000 women who were studied, although the risk increased with the continuity of EPT. Talk to your doctor to decide the best approach for

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