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Every winter Jewish family gather to light branched nine-branched candelabrum called menorah or chanukiah. For Eight nights they celebrate their families and celebrate their faith. The holiday is called Hanukkah also known as festival of lights. When we think of Hanukkah we think of the menorah it’s eight flames burn in testament to glorious victory that took place over two thousand years ago. Around 200 BC the Jewish people in Jerusalem were living under Egyptian rule though they remain largely free to work and worship in accordance to their customs. In one seventy five BC Antiochus IV Epiphanes ascended to the Syrian throne invaded Egypt and desecrated Jerusalem. In an attempt to assimilate the Judean people Antiochus forced them to worship…show more content…
However they found that the Syrians defiled all but a small flask of oil. It was enough to light the menorah but for a single night. Hours turned to days and miraculously the menorah burned on until eight nights has passed and more oil could be produced. It was time for Hanukkah – Hebrew for dedication. Against all odd the menorah had not been extinguished and so the flames of the branched menorah are a potent symbol of the Jews indomitable faith. The menorah holds night candles with the center candle used to light one candle on each of the eight nights of Hanukkah. During festival of lights children play a game with the dreidel a four- sided spinning top with a Hebrew character on each of its faces. It is though that the dreidel begin during the reign of king Antiochus IV Epiphanes when Jews secretly gathered to study the Torah. If soldiers arrived the Jews could pretend to be gambling. To this day Jewish adults give small sums of money or gelt to children during the holiday although not traditionally holiday for gifts Hanukkah’s proximity to Christmas on the calendar had made it customary to exchange gifts on one or all of the eight nights. For Jews around the world Hanukkah is a time to reflect on the strength and spiritual resolve of the Jewish

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