Argumentative Essay On Women's Power

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Women in the United States have achieved in overcoming what society has placed them as irrelevant and only as figures. Before 1920, they had less social power than men, primarily not able to earn income to support themselves. The women created women's movement to speak that not only men have rights, but also women too. They had gone from being only housewives to women that are able to have rights in voting, buying property, and their own bank accounts. Today men are facing issues in society as well. Men and women each have their own problems, no one has neither little nor more. All should be treated as equal instead of identifying each other as one with the most power.
I agree that there should be courses in men’s studies because although we hear the majority in time of history that men have power, who is to say many men didn’t have power? Back then, growing up in a society had most women believed that men have higher rights, but now each does. Although times are changing, women say men have wealth and status. Some men do not know how to have wealth and power because they may have struggled to survive in society. The men’s rights movement is serving a purpose in society
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So I believe there isn’t a generalization about the “greatest problem facing men” because each problem has their own issue; it’s not easy to say by solving one thing that it would solve something else. Women’s studies and men’s studies could be based on one another. So taking one class without the other could be teaching a student to be biased. Students need to be taught both sides, equally for a fair and educational. The advantage is that they focus solely on one and the student will get all the information. Creating a class on gender studies should allow the students to learn about both sides equally. Separating sex and gender must be on a equal ground in order to have a nonbiased idea about the subject at

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