Menson-Furr Analysis

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Menson (233) writes to explore an interesting story about Troy, who had his dreams of becoming baseball player deferred. The author also exposes on some issues facing Troy including the 15-year wait to see his wife Rose. All these deferments come as a result of Troy’s incarceration. Menson-Furr (227), explains how Troy acquired his house and the plight of his sons, Cory and Lyons, during World War II. The fact that, Troy stopped his son, Cory, from playing football exposes the elements of an arrogant parenthood (Menson-Furr 222). On the flip side, Cory’s refusal to heed his father directives, tells a story of disrespectful children of the old time. The author as well talks about the facts of marriage between Troy and Alberta. In the final bit,
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