Menstrual Cup Advantages And Disadvantages

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To establish the correct firmness of the cup for your body will have a wide difference in your comfort and the effectiveness of the cup. In general, soft menstrual cup are more pleasant in feeling as they not apply any outward pressure but they can be harder to open inside. Frequently a manual maneuvering need in order to bring the cup open once inside. Usually, soft average/firm cups is fine when it comes to opening and still offer the high level of comfort. There are advantages and disadvantages in using Soft menstrual Cup. Soft Menstrual Cup Advantages The major advantage of the soft menstrual cup - it is more comfortable for they do not press against your bladder or to your vaginal canal. It won 't even feel that there is cup inside you.…show more content…
Here are Five choices to check. Top 5 Choices for Soft Menstrual Cups Femmy Cycle The femmy Cycle Menstrual Cup is the top pick for Soft Menstrual Cup for it is unique design. The design itself will set the cup in place to prevent leak despite its softness. Moreover, some soft menstrual cup had the disadvantage, Femmy Cycle Menstrual Cup doesn 't. The company made this rare design specifically to be leak proof. More people have proven this is true. There are definite reviews for this product. In addition to the different design of Femmy Cycle Cup is the ring as the base, which in common Menstrual Cups it is the stem. To remove the cup, grasp the base of the cup often it is slimy but in Femmy Cycle Cup just pull the ring out of your vagina. Again, it is much advance the ring as the base rather than the stem. The Femmy Cycle is manufacture in the USA from the highest quality materials according to strict manufacturing standards. This is a trusted product that can put inside your body. Though it is expensive , it is worth of the price, it is a top quality menstrual cup. Another benefit of Femmy Cycle Cup is they contain a Low Cervix Model, which is an advantage for smaller people and…show more content…
The length of the Fleur Cup is shorter than any of the other cups. The smaller Fleur Cup is 47mm, and the large is 52mm. So if you have a low cervix and looking for Soft Menstrual Cup, can put in your list the Fleur Menstrual Cup. Femme Cup The last on our list of Soft Menstrual Cup is Femme Cup. The silicone is extremely thin and flexible, it is a great choice for women who do not want a stiff cup. Surely it is a top quality soft menstrual cup at a reasonable price. Furthermore, almost women who try using it find it 's easy to insert and to remove. Especially it doesn 't leak once in. The reason why it is on the last list, you can only find it in the UK where it is manufacture from. Are Soft Menstrual Cups Best for Beginners? There 's a typical question from women, is it advisable for a beginner to use a soft menstrual cup. A perfect question. An average cup is recommendable for first time user of the Menstrual cup. Otherwise, inserting soft menstrual cup can be quite difficult. Then if your familiar using menstrual cup then that 's the time you may choose the soft one. On the 5 list of soft menstrual cup there is a soft menstrual cup recommended for the beginners may also try it. Over all, it is your personal preference will matter

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