Menstruating Women's Autonomy

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As human beings our ultimate goal is to reproduce. There are only two species on this Earth: male and female. A male’s responsibility is to fertilize a female’s egg; women need men sperm to reproduce. I agree with the author that men would be treated differently than how women are treated right now. If men could menstruate, I feel that they would gain a much bigger ideal of ego issues parse manhood. According to the author men would brag about how long and how much they have menstruated in a sense of how much blood they have spilled to show how masculine they are. I feel that menstruation would definitely be looked at in such a different way that it would possibly be treated as if it is a monthly ritual or something along those lines.…show more content…
I think that because if men could menstruate it would be seen as much more masculine or actually more so showing manhood. I feel that menses envy would be an issue due to men would play it out as if it is something that since women don’t have it they should, therefore making them wanting to menstruate each month. I feel that in society today if we think logically men would actually feel as to having more power or superiority over women. I think our culture would change significantly if the roles were reversed. As in my culture/religion especially during the month of Ramadan, women are excused from fasting during the time they are menstruating. If the roles were reversed men would be more likely to take advantage of that. If roles were reversed women would be looked at as the more dominant species of the two. Women would be the dominant species rather than second class citizens. Men would be seen as more emotional, weak and submissive than women. Since men will menstruate they can easily have children and take advantage of maternity leave, and handicap parking etc. Women would be seen more as masculine and
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