Nike And Ralph Lauren: Company Analysis

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Part II
Organizations Focusing in the Production of Menswear
Nike and Ralph Lauren are two of the leading companies in the U.S, which focus on the production of menswear. Nike was founded in 1964, and is an American multinational firm that engages in the designing, developing, manufacturing, and worldwide sale and marketing of apparel, footwear, accessories and services, and equipment (Arnett et al, 2010). It is headquartered in the Portland metropolitan region, particularly Oregon. Nike is one of the globe’s largest supplies of apparel and athletic shoes, as well as a key producer of sports equipment. Ralph Lauren is a U.S, publicly traded holding firm, which is headquartered in the New York City. Ralph Lauren a U.S philanthropist, fashion
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The company began selling apparel in 1979, and since then it has diversified into the production of various men’s wear ranging from vests, inner pants, shirts, and shoes (Ali-Mahdi et al, 2015). The company promotes its product via the Cole Haan brand, which bears a line of casual footwear for men.
Nike has designed its pricing strategy to be competitive to other companies that focus on the production of menswear. The company’s pricing approach is based on the aspect of premium segment, as the principal target buyers. As a brand, Nike commands high premiums among many men in the U.S. The organization’s pricing approach employs vertical integration in pricing in that they own participants at various levels of channel or engage in more than one operation channel levels. As such, the company effectively regulates costs and influences the product
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The company also focuses on advertising its products in newspapers and creating strategic partnerships (Larson, 2011). Some of the celebrities the company employs in marketing its menswear are Lebron James. Lance Armstrong, and Tiger Woods. The company also sponsors events such as The Golden West Invitational and Hoop It Up (Lee & Aiken, 2010). Nike also advertises its products on social media networks such as twitter and Facebook.
Ralph Lauren’s Marketing Mix
Ralph Lauren focuses on the production of a range of menswear. This company has centered its production on luxury brands. As such, the items purchased from this company are considered to belong to the affluent societal members who prefer quality items with recognizable brands (Uggla & Lashgari, 2012). An example is the Polo shirt that costs significant amount relative to a similar outfit in a cheaper retail store like target.
Ralph Lauren employs its brand in setting higher profit margin, considering that its target market consists of financially well-off buyers, who are willing to willing to part with a little extra for their perceived brand value (Uggla & Lashgari,

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