Mental Illness: A Case Study

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A mental disorder refers to the disruption of one's feelings or thinking as a result of dysfunctional of part of the brain. Besides being misunderstood and misdiagnosed many in the society fears mental illnesses. The only solution to this kind of fear is a result of creating awareness about the condition and ensuring best clinical practice is followed at all times. Best clinical practice and intervention measures in neurology are aimed at mitigating the adverse effects associated with mental illnesses such as language deterioration, loss of vision, loss of agility, loss of speech, and other adverse effects.
Mental disorders display numerous symptoms that can sometimes be difficult to identify in a patient. Therefore, the best clinical practice
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The best clinical practice for patients with a brain disorder is the integration of CT scan, observation techniques, and computerized tomography to examine the human brain's internal features about possible symptoms of a brain disorder. Therefore, sacks approach to understanding neurology should be prioritized in medical practices as treatment procedures for patients. The approach entails taking time to understand the characters portrayed by the patient through face to face discussion and interaction. Through this interaction, the medical practitioner can determine the ability of the patient to distinguish personal sensations and awareness of the surrounding environment. Specialty studies should be aimed at understanding a person's personality and how this character relates to the symptoms of a specific disorder. Focusing on the brain hemispheres through scans can help in detection of early abnormalities relating to the functionality of the brain. "Thus music, or any other form of narrative, is essential when working with the retarded or apraxic-schooling or therapy for them must be centred on music or something equivalent" (p.…show more content…
P ability can carry out ordinary person activities without help such as "eating songs, dressing songs, bathing songs, everything. He can't do anything unless he makes it a song" (p. 17). He "would prescribe, in a case such as yours, is a life which consists entirely of music" (p. 18). This quote states that the music is his best prescription. These songs enable him to create an environment that he is familiar with it. Thus, able to operate in a standard way. When stopped in the middle of the songs he remains stupor entirely. He can no longer relate to the surrounding. The songs are, therefore, a guide to the way he operates. It elicits a particular response from the brain.
Before we conclude this analysis, understanding and cooperating the different clinical procedures for different mental conditions are not the same thing. However, the integration of practice that harmonizes and quickly diagnoses a specific mental disorder is what characterizes an ideal mental practice by health
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