Mental Health Act 2007 Essay

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The Mental Health Act 2007 allows people with a mental disorder to be admitted to hospital, detained and treated without their consent – either for their own health and safety, or for the protection of other people (, 2015). Under this legislation a person can be admitted and given treatment against their wishes. Detainees are always told their rights so that they do not feel as though they are being punished; they also have the right to appeal. To be able to detain a person, they must be struggling to care for themselves and a risk to both themselves and others. Additionally, it must be the last resort because all other forms of treatment have been tried to no avail. Sectioning is always the last resort because it takes…show more content…
To ensure that the illness of an individual does not worsen they are provided for without any charge which then stops them from being readmitted in to hospital. Individuals who do not have any money to pay for after treatment when they leave the hospital will not be able to fully recover if there was a fee for the aftercare and this would discriminate against those with a low income or very little money at all. Having these services enables all sufferers of mental disorder the chance to heal fully, without any cost burdens.

An advantage of this Legislation is that it protects the service user 's right to be protected from harm and danger. Some, patients suffering from mental health issues result to self-harm or may harm others. The Mental Health Act allows these individuals to be protected when they are not able to do so themselves. Any instrument than can be used as a way of harming one’s self is removed and so is any opportunity to. Constant surveillance is allowed used to maintain a safe environment for these individuals. Furthermore there is always someone close by so ensure that patients are under constant

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