Mental Health Benefits Of Group Therapy

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Mental health challenges come in many forms. For some individuals, addiction impacts every area of their life. Their relationships are suffering, they are in danger of losing their job, or they suffer from anxiety. Couples often encounter challenges as they blend their lives together. What previously attracted them to the other person now annoys them, and the relationship falters as a result. When one person is struggling in this manner, the entire family may be impacted also. Regardless of what a person, couple or family is dealing with, we can be of help. We define our practice by three core principles: competence, compassion and collaboration and work with clients who have a substance or process addiction, anxiety, bipolar disorder or depression,…show more content…
Group Therapy & Workshops-Individuals often feel as if they are alone and others don 't understand the challenges they face. This is especially true when a person is facing addiction. With the help of group therapy and workshops, these people find they aren 't the only one dealing with these issues. The group serves as a support system, and participants receive encouragement from others in the group. Each person feels a sense of responsibility to others taking part in the sessions, as active participation has an effect on all who are present. These are only a few of the many benefits of group therapy, and individuals can learn more by heading over to the Group Therapy & Workshops page. About In order for treatment to be effective, patients need to feel comfortable with their therapists and treatment team. To allow our patients to reach this level of comfort, we provide information on our treatment team on the About page. If more details are desired, feel free to contact us. A patient 's treatment depends in part on the relationship they develop with their therapist and we recognize this at all…show more content…
Blog Every person can benefit from counseling. No individual lives a perfect life. Visit our Blog today to learn more about how to improve mental health, what therapists want everyone to know and more. The drug epidemic is addressed here, along with the high cost of mental health care. Check this page regularly for new updates, as everyone deserves the best life they can possibly have. Resources People often have questions before and during therapy. Certain questions come up again and again. To help patients, family and friends obtain this information, we now offer a frequently asked questions page in our Resources section. Be sure to check it out for helpful information that may ease the mind when it comes to therapy and more. Contact Us Individuals who choose to come to therapy are choosing to make an investment in themselves. We want to make it easy to visit with our staff. Email Red Willow Counseling using the form found on the Contact Us page, call the center directly at 385-313-0055 or stop by between the hours of 8am and 8pm Monday through Friday or 9am to 3pm on Saturday. Staff members are always ready and willing to help those in need, and appointments may be booked simply by visiting

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