Mental Health Clinic Case Study

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(h) Provide same day services to new or established Veterans who present to the clinic with urgent care needs. ii) Setting, Activities, and Program Functions: (1) The Mental Health Clinic (MHC) is a general outpatient clinic for patients with psychiatric, emotional, and behavioral problems. Within the MHC, there are specific programs for specialized treatment as listed below: (i) The PTSD Clinical Team; (ii) Clozaril Clinic; (iii) Buprenorphine Clinic; (iv) Family Mental Health Clinic; (v) Geropsychiatry Clinic; (vi) Military Sexual Trauma; and Transition care (OEF/OIF/OND) Mental Health Intake. (vii) Assessment Clinic (Psychological testing) (2) Procedures, Services, and Other Types of Care Provided in the outpatient MHC include:…show more content…
1 West incorporates the use of acute, observation, and detox beds in a secured milieu. Observation beds are used to observe a patient for less than 24 hours and to evaluate the need for acute admission. The Geropsychiatry Unit is a level 2 locked unit with one level of acute nursing and psychiatric care. (3) Setting, Activities, and Program Functions: Inpatient psychiatric services are offered on One (1) West in a specially designed psychiatric facility. Two seclusion rooms are available, if needed. A level system in the acute section allows increasing levels of off-unit privileges as the patient improves. Patients on the Geropsychiatric Unit are housed in single and double patient rooms according to clinical…show more content…
Patients are medically stable, no intravenous ' (IVs) or other acute medical problems. As soon as a patient is stabilized, he/she is moved along the continuum of care to outpatient services. (6) Methods Used to Assess Needs: All patients admitted to inpatient psychiatric services receive a nursing, physician, and social work assessment. Nurse Practitioner assessment is based on the medical needs of the patient and works in collaboration with the patient to provide assessment and reassessment and contribute to the interdisciplinary treatment plan. All disciplines participate in establishing living wills and “do not resuscitate” orders. The interdisciplinary treatment care plan is initiated by nursing and is based on the admission assessment. (7) Procedures, Services, and Other Types of Care Provided: Therapies offered are psychopharmacology andmilieu therapy (8) Admission and Discharge Criteria: InterQual criteria are applied for admissions, continued stay, and discharges from the Psychiatric Inpatient Unit. d) Consultation Liaison Program: (1) Scope of

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