Mental Health Counseling Research Paper

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Professional mental health counseling organizations and the counseling student’s contribution to such organizations remain essential for yielding vitality, a positive effort to preserve a vocation that advocates for the needs of its clients, counselors, and interns, while advancing concepts for the beneficence of society. However, this symbiotic relationship does not subsist without the efforts of the professional organizations and its member’s contributions to aid the emerging counseling intern. By guiding the student helper in ethical concerns and proven effective processes, the up-and-coming therapist in turn supplies the professional organization with a fresh perspective and a dedication to the field of counseling. At the beginning, particular…show more content…
A shared appreciation is produced by being around others who communicate a similar vitality of society and its individuals. The debate or discussion is seen in the mentoring and networking opportunities that are afforded by professionals who supervise and guide the new helpers in finding better ways to work with their clients. Subsequently, advocacy is encouraged through awards given by the professional organizations to its hard working members who affect society in a positive way. Advocacy remains the foundation of counseling, and therapists advocate for clients, causes, and the profession. A counselor is inspired by moral and ethical principles, who strive for change in dogmas by exploring within the administrative, financial, and societal systems for an idea that can guide towards resources that foster growth for clients, professionals, and mental health care itself. This advocacy needs to be supported by the professional organizations through lobbying efforts to change policies for the betterment of the individual and the system of…show more content…
A clear singular answer cannot be given. It is clear that both the agencies and students need to work in tandem to satisfy the needs for growth for both. Professional organizations offer a student a sense of belonging while affording opportunities to network, and chances to discover new vital techniques in order to advocate for their clients and their profession. Consequently, the student brings a new vitality or energy to the organization by presenting a fresh perspective, and once registered or licensed, the student in turn offers the organization
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