Mental Health Counselor Essay

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Collaborating with Fellow Professionals As a mental health counselor, a vital role as a professional in this career is to provide therapeutic services to individuals in need. We will be helping mediums to several diverse populations, including cultures, sexualities, and religions. We should go into each session with an open mind and heart, seeking clarity while listening to clients and strive to come up with goals for their personal growth, bearing in mind the ethical and moral values we have learned. Through the years, the counseling identity has been looked at through blurred lines. We are constantly trying to figure out where we belong amongst a world full of social workers and psychologists. We have finally become a solid stand-alone profession, but we must be able to collaborate with social workers and psychologist effectively. As an Interdisciplinary studies major, I picked the disciplines of nursing, education, and psychology. Each phase of my studies concentrated on the basics of each of these professions and how they collaboratively worked together; Mental health counseling is also an interdisciplinary profession.…show more content…
Psychologists frequently conduct scientific studies and complete research papers; these are not tasks completed by mental health counselors. I will collect my "data" from clients during conversations and evaluation through completing and implementing treatment plans. Social workers are known to respond to crisis situations, such as child abuse. I believe that my role as a counselor should precede the social worker instead of proceeding them. Clients are often directed to a counselor after meeting with a social worker, but I stand by my belief in that a counselor should be the first point of contact for those in

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