Mental Health In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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{all needs re-edited} Mental health is a controversial topic in many countries, especially the treatment of patients. The media often depicts the mentally ill as people in straight jackets.
Mental disorders are now expressions and phrases normalised by the everyday use of them. These idioms can be saying you feel “depressed” when having a down day, claiming someone to be “bipolar” for a sudden change of emotions, having “Obsessive-compulsive disorder” just because you like your desk a certain way, the list goes on. The regularisation of these disorders has made people think it is ok to use these sever issues as a pass remark or an insult, this both belittles the illnesses itself and also makes suffers of these disorders seem as outcasts. By people reading about these mental health issues in literacy often makes the idea of having an illness, by glorifying and romanticising mental disorders has created the illusion that having something which makes people like a misery is actually a quirk. {all needs re-edited}
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One flew over the Cuckoos nest is a narrated by Chief Bromden, he is a patient in Oregon Psychiatric Hospital; where he has been residing for 10 years. The voice of One flew over the cuckoo’s nest is almost incoherent as Chief Bromden has hallucinations which cause him to believe he is in a fog; he has also created an intricate conspiracy theory that the world is a machinery called The Combine. Chief Bromden is a troubled man whom is constantly under the thumb of Big Nurse and the black boys in white suits; they will not hesitate to through him in seclusion, so that Big Nurse doesn’t have to deal with him and so that the black boys can eat his meals. The hospital is an all male facility; the only females are the authority figures whom are in charge of all of the
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