Mental Health Insurance Case Study

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Background: Taylor grew up on Naval bases across the country until her late teens where she graduated from Cedar Points High school in Fargo Minnesota. Taylor was the oldest out of three brothers and five sisters. Lived with both parents Olivia and Elliot Underwood. Mother Olivia was a sales agent for 43 years at Met Life insurance and her father Elliot was a career Navy Officer.Taylor met her husband Oz the doctor while attending a benefit for wounded veterans. Her schooling is a Juris Doctorate of Law from Harvard Law School with a LSAT score of 160Mrs. Underwood prior careers are a child caretaker, Legal Aid, Partner in a Law Firm: Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe Moss, and State Representative for the Democrats
Characteristics: Growing up with a
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In terms of gun control, Mrs. Underwood is striving towards sensible gun control to include effective background checks with mental health screenings. She believes and enforces the 2nd Amendment, yet she realizes that like owning and operating a vehicle, there must be a screening process. The affordable healthcare act has been a national disappointment for many yet still thousands need help with getting health insurance. Mrs. Underwood realizes that she is a not an expert in this field nor does she have all the answers or solutions but she is willing and able to work with those who can repair the health insurance problem. Immigration is the foundation of our nation, yet it has been abused by perhaps millions of people living within our borders. This candidate believes in ensuring there is a legal and accessible path to citizenship for those who are here illegally and those who wish to arrive on our land. She does not believe in the deportation of illegal aliens unless they have criminal records and present a burden to our…show more content…
Military Size: Taylor would like strong and effective military force with a global presence.
Good Choice for Presidency? These characteristics make her a good candidate because we know she won’t turn towards military action with every international crisis she encounters.
Foreign Policy Leader
Representative Underwood has zero tolerance for terrorism. She will seek and destroy terroristic groups such as ISIS. When Mrs. Underwood needs to strike a terrorist group its will be hard and destructive. Mrs. Underwood will NOT make economic partnerships or deals with nations that have human rights issues. Although she will work with allied nations and seek congressional approval. These policies will make her a good choice for presidency because her main focus is to keep America safe and will do whatever it takes to do
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