Mental Health Issues In Foster Care

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In spite of the effective treatments for interventions for children in the foster care system who struggle with mental health issues. Barriers to care remain in the United States, and a lack of resources including human and financial along with stigma are just a few why some youth are not able to receive treatment. Though some progress has been made in developing effective treatments for children and adolescents with mental disorders. Priority is given to those who are not labeled with the association of mental illness. Therefore, more efforts are needed to get information to school professionals, foster parents, and providers This education may be beneficial in sensitizing populations to understanding the mental health needs of children…show more content…
It is now too often the case industry conveys that information about mental disorders. While this education may be very beneficial in sensitizing populations to the mental health needs of children and adolescents it also holds the risk of distorted messages being conveyed to an anxious and needy populous, may limit the full potential of an appropriate diagnostic evaluation and limit the treatment options considered. Furthermore, oppression and domination are known to impact children and young adults in the foster care system. “Young people that are obstructed or prevented from becoming competent or from being able to communicate their opinions, desires, and emotions experienced a form of oppression” (Bruskas, Delilah, R.N., M.N. 2008). Within the social setting of the child welfare system, a systemic constraint is placed on children preventing them from voicing their concerns. If this happens, children will not be able to experience normal developmental stages, therefore, resulting in not achieving an optimal level of health into adulthood. Researchers and professionals agree that for a young person to come well-adjusted to the struggles, they have faced they must be given support and assistance to meet significant emotional and developmental milestones…show more content…
1069, Timely Mental Health for Foster Youth Act will significantly improve the lives of those young people living the in the foster care system. This bill with help set the stage for mental health treatment and will help a vulnerable population of children and young adults achieve empowerment to be successful in their lives. Furthermore, reform initiatives and innovations are underway that will improve the potential for protection and guarantee a concrete placement into foster care homes. With many recent policy shifts over the last couple of years implementing better policies and laws to allow further integration of the child welfare system and mental health service sectors will help establish a system of care with a reliable infrastructure for the delivery of mental health to the child welfare

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