Mental Health Literacy Literature Review

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Using the literature, describe the impact of poor health literacy, the costs to population and methods for increasing literacy.
Mental Health Literacy in India
"No health without mental health" is a quote that almost every public health student has been exposed to. Many interventions, policies, and measures have been implemented to decrease the prevalence rate of mental health disorders. Despite these efforts, mental health disorders are still extremely prevalent and are a pervasive health issue in countries like India. India has been dubbed "the world's most depressed nation" and according to the National Mental Health Survey of India, 13.7% of adult Indians are in need of active medical intervention (Shankar and Shankar, 207) (Murthy, 4).
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Lack of mental health literacy has created a false narrative about drugs that treat mental disorders and impacts mental health care delivery systems. Gaiha et al. reported that 42% of survey respondents assumed that medication that treated mental disorders had severe side effects (152). Consequently, the lack of mental health literacy had a significant impact on decision making for treatment and compliance (Ogorchukwu et al, 235). It makes PWMDs more apprehensive about using medication as a part of their treatment regime and makes it harder for PWMD to manage their…show more content…
Caregivers are an important part of the mental health care delivery system. As it was aforementioned, caregivers usually lack mental health literacy and also increases the stigma felt by PWMDs. Caregivers should be included in education programs since it will increase their awareness about mental illnesses (Yuen et al, 201). Furthermore, since caregivers are interacting with PWMDs they can watch for new symptoms, monitor patient's progress and help the patient to better manage their care. Education programs are not only shown to be helpful for PWMDs but also can increase the mental health literacy rating among the youth. A study shows that trainee physiatrists giving a talk to the students increased the student's willingness to seek help (Jorm,

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