Mental Health Issues In Education

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The mental health in children in their childhood and adolescence is referred as the achievement of expected development, social, cognitive, and emotional milestones along with the establishment of effective skills while securing the attachments and positive relationships of society. The children and adolescents being healthy in terms of their mental health are found to enjoy a positive quality of life while functioning appropriately at home within the school and their communities. Different children suffer from mental health issues interfering with the development and functioning (Wei, et al., 2013; Yamaguchi, et al., 2013). The recent studies have provided that around thirty-five percent of the children in the UK fulfil the criteria for the…show more content…
This issue is associated with different negative results if left untreated, which includes the reduced self-esteem, social withdrawal, inappropriate academic performance, and suicide. The literature has suggested that the children of more than 3 three percent in the United States have been experiencing the depression, making one of the most prevalent mental health issues for the children. The higher prevalence of such issues has made the significant importance of the effective interventions in schools. Since a large number of students in their childhood and adolescence are affected by depression as well as the symptoms of depression, the majority of them do not seek intervention or have any access to it (Wei, et al., 2013; Allen-Meares, et al., 2013). Yamaguchi, et al (2013) reflected that there are many barriers at the systemic, individual, and provider influencing the aspects of individual seeks or receives the services. It can be said that the majority of children with the mental health issues fail to receive the services required, but some of them receive these services from their schools. Wei, et al (2013) provided that the schools provide more than seventy percent of the mental health services that school going children receive. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act held schools responsible for providing supporting services to the children being identified as…show more content…
Biddle & Asare (2011) specified that mental health issue between adolescents is categorised as critical alterations in the ways children characteristically pick up and learn, act, or control their feelings and emotions. He also stated that symptoms generally initiate in initial childhood, though certain disorders might progress later in the teen years. Moreover, the diagnosis is repeatedly prepared in the school time as well as at times earlier. Nevertheless, it is also noticed that sometimes, a few children with a mental illness might not be acknowledged or detected as having

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