Mental Health Nursing Personal Statement

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I have decided to study Mental health nursing to fulfill a life-long desire of helping people with disabilities. This I believe will be the start of a long and flourishing career in working in the medical field and will give me a real sense of job satisfaction. I am very much interested in gaining a career in nursing as I feel it will place me in a position where I can anticipate making progress, whilst learning from others more experienced than me. Nursing is a lifelong learning experience and a profession I long to be a part of; I have come to learn that with nursing you never really stop learning and acquiring new skills and the role teaches you new things every day. I have some of my family in the nursing field and this has encouraged me to pursue this dream. I have seen how…show more content…
During my time in this role, I have demonstrated and developed my skill of building relationships with people and as a team. I have gained the trust of many of our clients. The role has also helped me to advance my interpersonal skills as well as boost my assurance particularly when dealing with developing incidents. I enjoy my current job and with the help of the current Foundation degree I am completing with Bexley College, I know deep down that I will be an asset to my organisation on completion of nursing training. I feel I have a lot to offer to the nursing field. Nurses demonstrate sympathy, patience, selflessness and empathy; these are all attributes I hold and would have no difficulty in expressing as a nurse. I believe that studying nursing will allow me to develop these set of skills I already possess, which will stay with me for the rest of my life and launch a career doing something I love. All this has helped to motivate me to pursue a career in
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