Mental Health Nursing Personal Statement

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Over the last ten years of working within the health care sector I’ve worked closely with mental health nurses, listening to their personal experiences in a wide variety of settings. Extensive research, work experience and personal experiences of mental health issues such as my son’s recent diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder has inspired me to pursue a mental health nursing qualification. Mental health nursing promotes and highlights relevant skills that I have acquired over the years that are crucial in this role.
Courage to trust my own judgement and competence to make decisions in often highly stressful situations has lead me to be promoted to team leader at work. This position requires me to administer medications and undertake audits, update and make evaluations within care plans and build collaborative partnerships between various healthcare professionals. Being compassionate and non-judgemental is a significant skill within my working role; this
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Due to my commitment, creativity and enthusiasm I was awarded student of the year. This confirmed to me that I have the dedication and capability to achieve my goals to begin my studies working towards a mental health nursing degree. My current studies on my Access course have helped me to return to a higher level of academic study; improving research and referencing skills and to prepare presentations. Mathematics for nursing has given me more confidence with numbers and improved my knowledge, coinciding with me retaking my maths GCSE. Anatomy and physiology has been of specific interest to me as it has a direct link to the circuit training group that I attend. Training is beneficial to me as it helps me to relieve stress and it has improved my fitness and stamina. Time management plays an important role ensuring I keep up with the training
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