The Prison System Analysis

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There has always been a system to contribute to the prosperity of a society, whether that be an economic system, educational system, social systems and many more. Although these are to help the country there are also flaws in them. One system in society that has major flaws in the prison system. The prison system has failed many Americans and strayed away from its main goal which was to help inmates to not become victims of recidivism. Prisons need to find a way to help inmates become stable enough to go back into society. They also need to improve their living conditions that cause many people in prison to become mentally ill and reevaluate officers to prevent an abuse of power. MENTAL HEALTH Prison have an impact on people 's…show more content…
Footage was obtained later and it showed other inmates jumping Kalief and also abuse from officers in Rikers. This goes back to the living conditions that can cause a man to become mentally ill. Kalief is an example of why officers need to be evaluated before they can work in a jail environment. “Being home is way better than being in jail….But in my mind right now I feel like I’m still in jail, because I’m still feeling the side effects from what happened in there.” Although Kalief had been home for some time, he still felt the effects prison had on him. Kalief knew he needed help from a therapist, but he was denied several times. The effects of solitary are hard to oversee. Experts say it can have catastrophic psychological effects, especially on younger people or those with mental health issues. People who spend long stretches in solitary, possible consequences include depression, anxiety and juveniles are more at risk because of where they are in their development. Unfortunately because of Kalief”s death, there has been many calls to reform the prison system. Mayor Bill de Blasio announced multiple reforms aimed at improving the situation at Rikers. These changes target problems highlighted by Browder’s situation. De Blasio declared initiatives to reduce violence at Rikers and to end isolation for juvenile inmates and speed up the city’s court system. President Obama made changes in expanding the mental health units for federal inmates who were unable to remain in the larger prison population. Obama was involved in banning solitary as a punishment for smaller infractions. He is ordered the federal prison system to publish monthly data on inmates in

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