Mental Health Reflection

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As stated by Nordqvist (2017), mental health is an absence of mental health disorder which also retains to humans’ cognitive, behavioral, and emotional well-being ― the way people think, feel and behave. Mental health can affect the routine of a person’s daily life, the relationships, even the physical health, as well as the person 's ability to experience life and to achieve psychological resilience. Therefore, learning how to balance life activities and efforts is very important.
According to Christina (2018), having a mental health is normal and isn 't a negative thing to have and everyone has a regular health, but having a mental health problem has an effect to a normal mental health like the person is at fault for having a mental health problem.
In the opinion of Rusell (2016), to overcome the problems in mental health, expressing oneself is a very good thing to do to relieve our stress and anxiety. Self-expression is essential for maintaining a person’s mental health, however, people must express creativity because creating something is innate to humans and any form of creativity can be used to express. Humans only need to explore every day or regularly to release all the tension and unhealthy thoughts from the mind and body.
As per Edwards (2014), the experiences of an individual cannot be explained entirely just by using words. Expressing feelings about love, and hate, expressing experiences and struggles from a trauma or depression cannot be

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