Mental Health Reflection Paper

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Mental health is a large area that consist different aspects. From the personal aspect, it is a state of well-being which include our cognitive, emotion. It affect how we think, feel and behave, such as making a contribution to the community. From the social aspect, people around us affected our mental health. It is necessary to different stage of life, from childhood to adulthood. In the following essay, the details of mental health would be discussed. The essay is divided into two parts. Part one include five concept within the topic of mental health. Part two evaluates the extent to mental health base on a thorough reflection of my life experiences.

Definition of Mental Health
Mental health is defined as a state of well-being
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I used to be a person who lack of motivation and goals. I found my confidence through my strengths. In the field of art and design, I could be able to build what I love and proud of . People asked for my comments and guides, I could feel my contribution to my friends.

Morality and
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Indeed, some profession said that religion is completely different from the morality. However, the religion always require a high morality. Even the thoughts are restricted by the values of church and bible, not just the behaviors. Comparing with the nowadays community, the values of catholic church seems too traditional. in this global changing atmosphere that different issues such as same-sex marriage start to be respected and accepted, the catholic church resist on the opposition stand. On the aspect of morality, they share the right of marriage as normal people, we should not discriminate and abandon them. Yet, it is a infringement to gods commands in the perspective of christian. I had a meantime on facing others challenge on this topic. The conflict between morality and religion. After having those arguments and discussions, I learnt to respond them in a proper way. No matter which of the religion or morality they stand for, we should respect and stand on their shoes. We would found that we share so many common values, if we open our mind to them.

Self-leadership is one of my weaknesses. I am easy to be defeated by the temptation such as playing and laziness. lack of perception is a problem that block me from success. I tried different methods to help myself but they were not working. I had tried to make time table, set reward for an achievement, but they are
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