Mental Health Screening Harm Children

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Health Screenings Aid Children
The Georgia Straight studied more than 120 coroner 's reports and found that 90 percent of police-related deaths involved mental illness, drug, or alcohol. (“The Georgia Straight”) Each day is a gift and not a given right. It is easy to think of medical test as black and white, but it is not all that simple. A mental health assessment provides a doctor a total depiction of how well one may feel emotionally and how well one is able to ponder, reason and recollect cognitive functioning. Mental health screenings in schools are placed in effect to prevent harm to children, and provide a blue print of a child 's mental health. The article, "Mental Health Screenings in Schools Can Harm Children" is about how mental
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“Recently, public health officials in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom have issued warnings about previously known but undisclosed risks associated with the stimulant medications used to treat ADHD” (p.3). Lehrman shown concern about drug usage in the treatment of ADHD. But there are other forms and ways of treatment for ADHD such as, creating routines, avoiding distractions, limit choices, discipline effectively, and help your children discover a talent. The author said that screenings harm children then introduces a whole new sub-topic on ADHD screening. He contradicts himself when introducing this section, although the information presents is factual it is only geared to one side. ADHD is a behavioral illness, a mental illness is any psychiatric disorder that causes untypical behavior. Evaluate a person who has been referred for mental health treatment because of problems at school, work, or home. For example, a mental health assessment may be used to find out if a child has learning disabilities or behavior disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), conduct (CD), or obsessive-compulsive disorder…show more content…
Screenings in schools would enhance student success at school and interrelated benefits for students, families and teachers. Also, finding problems earlier in life allowing room to treat them before they become severe. Reducing cost because of less need for intensive treatments and special education. Depression is when one really does not care about anything. Anxiety is when one cares too much about everything. Having both, is just like hell one cannot ignore the need for help on this matter. This topic matter because screening in schools can help prevent so many issues and problems that can negatively happen down the line. Mental illnesses if not treated or dealt with can lead to a number of serious issues, not only effect one’s life but their loved ones around. “Dead people receive more flowers than the living because regret is stronger than gratitude”, words said by Anne Frank. These online screening tools are not a substitute for consultation with a health professional. Regardless of the results of a screening, if one may have any concern, see the doctor or a mental health professional. Silence is of great profit. An abundance of speech profiteth nothing. If one comes to thee of knowledge, listen and heed for wisdom is all. –The Emerald Tablets of Thoth
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