Mental Health Social Worker

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.Library technicians are becoming extinct mainly because people are less likely to go to public libraries due to cellular devices. People use their cellular devices for access to internet they don’t even need wifi because of data usage. There are apps that people can download to access to read books. Social work is a lot more popular than a library technician in today’s society and generation of people. Library technicians and librarians period have a boring career, due to the fact that either they sit at a computer all day, shelf books or either work on fixing computers in a quiet environment. Social workers may sit at a desk as well but they are constantly on the phone, helping others, solving cases to help children or even helping others…show more content…
Mental health social workers are on the rise due to the fact that mental illness diagnosis has increased tremendously. Individuals that are interested in becoming a mental health social worker normally start off by finding employment in hospitals, mental hospital facilities, and etc. Mental health social workers are required to earn a bachelor’s degree in social work and 4,000 hours of supervised work experience. Social workers earn an annual salary of 45,820 a year. Mental health social workers provide services such as community mental health programs, private practice, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation programs, disaster relief programs,and employee assistance programs. According to National association of social workers “Social workers provide an array of varying mental health services. In an employee assistance program a social worker may help employees with personal problems and workplace concerns. Social workers also help their clients adjust to major lifestyle changes due to the death of a loved one, disability, divorce, or loss of a job. They also provide substance abuse treatment and help people experiencing depression, anxiety, a crisis or trauma.” 50% of disaster mental healths volunteers are taught by the American Red Cross are professional social workers. A mental health social worker helps support individuals so that they can work on their mental disorders. It is very important that a mental…show more content…
Some social workers also specialize and work with children and homes which goes by the name of child welfare. Child welfare social workers make an annual salary 46,000. Becoming a child welfare social worker requires a social work bachelor’s degree and a masters degree. Child welfare is a field that make sure children’s needs are taken care of. Working as a child welfare social worker can be heartbreaking and rewarding all at the same time. Many social workers deal with heartbreaking cases daily such as having to remove children from their home and even witnessing them live in a dangerous environment. They also work with children with behavioral issues and special needs as well. Social workers place abused children in loving homes, find employment and housing for homeless families, counsel families to find better solutions to their problems,and help pregnant women , adoptive parents, and adopted children navigate the adoption system. It is important that child welfare social workers protect the children they work with as much as they can , according to careers in psychology “children who grow up in happy homes where all of their needs are met, typically grow up to become happy, stable, and well adjusted adults. On the other hand, those that grow up surrounded by unpleasant and dangerous situations often grow up suffering from mental and emotional unrest. They are plagued by the memories and images from their childhood, and

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