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Staying Sane For countless years, health has been a key factor in people’s everyday lives. We desire to know what and how to look thin, to stay healthy, and to not be overweight. What do people do? We spend hours looking up how to look thin, how to lose weight quickly, and look our best. That is not the most efficient way to do it. An excellent way to do it is how I define it. I define health as not overconsuming food, staying active, and being physically and mentally content with the body a person has. Being healthy mentally is so important in everyone’s personal life. I have personally dealt with being mentally unhealthy. I went into depression and I had bad anxiety. I did not want to talk, let alone be in front of a large group.…show more content…
Social Anxiety Disorder is a disorder that causes people to be unhealthy. This Anxiety disorder causes depression and stress in daily lives. Social Anxiety Disorder is defined as a fear of social and functional situations. (Taheri 1). According to Taheri, this causes people to think negatively about participating in these social and function situations. (1). People do not want to go to these social and functional situations because each mind thinks of the worst that could happen to them. When treating Social Anxiety Disorder, different treatments are available. One of the treatments used is cognitive treatment. Cognitive treatment for adults and children who have depression and people who have both depression and anxiety and it has positive effects. According to Taheri, this treatment also makes people want more contact with our surroundings, and it can strengthen attitude, thoughts, and quality of life. (1). Having a positive attitude, thoughts, and quality of life will make people with Social Anxiety Disorder want to go to social events and participate in events with a lot of…show more content…
It also happens in schools. Schools are serving fat and greasy foods, and it is clogging the schools up. (Fed Up). In Fed Up, the video showed these children picking up slices of pizzas, French fries and other greasy foods. The government is making more schools have healthier menus and limiting the portions of food children are receiving. Even though these children are receiving healthier foods, it does not mean children are attaining a full meal. Our private lives do not belong to the government. (Fed Up). The government should not be deciding what we eat, parents should be. (Fed Up). Children should start limiting the fatty foods that are given and start eating healthier foods. As I said before, my definition of health is limiting the consumption of food intake, being content with the body a person has mentally and physically, and being ambitious. Being unhealthy and lazy can take a toll on our bodies and our health. That is why taking care of ourselves and the people around us is important. It will benefit us in the long

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