Mental Health Wellness Program

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Mental Health Wellness Program Target population: The target population of this Mental Health Wellness Program is adults with a psychiatric diagnosis such as Schizophrenia, bi-polar, and personality disorders between the ages of 21 and 50. These individuals are able to live at home but would benefit from receiving occupational therapy in an outpatient day program. Individuals with mental health conditions are likely to suffer from lack of sleep, physical activities, and may experience delusions and hallucinations. They may be at risk for harming themselves or others (Mental Health Gov, n.d.). This program is designed to help the client maintain mental wellness in his/her environment. The program will teach these individual life skills and…show more content…
Mental health illnesses affect the client and his/her family/caregiver (Eichhorn, n.d.). The stress of caring for loved ones with mental health issues can very stressful and overwhelming for the family/caregiver. We offer support for the caregivers to help them learn to cope and handle the stress of taking care of their family member. Many of these clients have problems staying on their medication (Eichhorn, n.d.). It is important for the family/caregiver to understand the importance of the client to stay on their medication. It is also important for the family/caregiver to understand their love one diagnosis and how to adapt the environment to help minimize symptoms of the disorder. Caregiver classes are given on a weekly basis. All family and caregivers are encouraged to attend. Resources and handouts will be given to the…show more content…
The client is encouraged to attend one of these groups. Exercises decreases stress, improve strength and endurance, and can improve quality of life. (  Leisure Activities: We encourage the client to participate in leisure activities such as fishing, playing games, and listening to his/her favorite music to help client relax and enjoy life. We have activities that the client can to participate in. We play bingo on Mondays, dominoes on Tuesday, when weather permits we have volley ball games, and go on fishing trips. ( References: Eichhorn, D. (n.d.). The client & family experience [PowerPoint Slides]. Retrieved from

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